Universal Login returns "NotFoundError" statusCode: 404 after configuring Custom Domain

Hi all,

I am about to configure custom domain in my app. Domain is already verified and i am able to show universal login with it. However with the custom domain, universal login is just returning 404.

I am using auth0-spa-js.

Has anyone experiened something similar?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @onur1,

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It looks like you might be using the Classic Universal Login with the Lock template. When you’re using a custom domain with a customized universal login, you will need to set the configurationBaseUrl and overrides options like so:

var lock = new Auth0Lock(config.clientID, config.auth0Domain, {
  //... other configs
  configurationBaseUrl: config.clientConfigurationBaseUrl,
  overrides: {
  	__tenant: config.auth0Tenant,
  	__token_issuer: config.authorizationServer.issuer

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