Universal Login issue on Safari

When I test the new Universal Login on Safari and visit the /api/auth/login route, instead of redirecting to show “Continue with Google”, and let me select which Google account to use (I have many), it is showing the below to directly ask me to authorize the first gmail account I have logged in behind the scene. Is it a bug, or expected behavior?

Also, may I ask why do we need to show this screen as a sign-in process to authorize the app to the Auth0 tenant, as this should be implicit to the customer, right?

Hi @williamwjs

Are you running this application locally ? If so, then that consent screen will go away in the other environments because auth0 detects someone is trying to redirect the user to a localhost and to be on safe side we show that consent page to the user.

For your other question, because you already have session with Auth0 it goes straight into consent page. Type {tenant_url}/logout in your browser, this will logout the user and you can start again.

Hope this helps


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