Universal login - Edge & IE11 - Placeholder stays on top when starting to type

This happens on the new universal login page in Edge or IE11:
When the username/password inputs are empty and you start to type, the placeholder does not disappear (or float away to the top).
Only when you leave the input field, the placeholder floats to the top.
This gives our users the feeling that the input fields do not work at all.

Do you have a quick solution for this?
Switching to the classic universal login does not work for us because it doesn’t look like it supports multiple languages…
Customizing the login page does not work well since we don’t want to take over the responsibility for keeping this page up to date…

Hey there!

Let me talk it through with the Universal Login team and get back to you once I have any updates on that!

Hi Auth0 team,

This same issue has also become a big problem for our product and we have already had a few user complaints about the issue.

We have an Edge browser window embedded in our Windows 10 app for login, so we cannot simply ask our users to use a different browser as a workaround.

What is the expected ETA on a fix for this issue?


When using Internet Explorer 11 and Universal Login I am running into an issue. The placeholder fields “Email address” and “Password” are not disappearing when the user starts typing his email address or password.

This is of course quite confusing to users.

Is there already a solution for this?

Merging your issues guys as they are the same and it will be easier to communicate shortly about that

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It seems that there were also a few other customers having problems with that. There is no public ETA on that but I just got informed that the team will work on the fix soon.

I will let you know here once the fix is deployed.


I can see that it’s fixed now.
Thanks for your efforts!

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!


We found a scenario where the issue is still reproducing for us, but only in Chrome (version 83.0.4103.97). The steps are the following:

  1. Log in and save the user credentials in the browser
  2. Log out, but don’t click anywhere - the Email field is auto-completed with the saved email
  3. Focus out of the Chrome window - e.g. click the Windows taskbar

The placeholder text shows up and covers part of the email text.

Do you think you can fix also this scenario?

Let me report that to the team again!

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Hey there!

Wanted to follow-up on that @emanuel.virca.

Do you guys still experience that?


Yes, the issue is still reproducible as described above.

Ok. Thank you let me reach out to the responsible product manager regarding that again.

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