Unblock account after Breached Password Detection on self-hosted password change page

Is there a way to have a self-hosted “change password” page for customers that receive a “Breached Password” email?

We have self-hosted login pages and currently use a passwordless flow to trigger a forgot-my-password/reset password email. This allows the user to set a new password which we set on the user’s account using the Management API.

We would like to have an identical experience for setting a new password and unblocking the account as we currently have for the reset password flow, i.e. a self-hosted/branded page. When I use the URL that is part of the breached password email template, it leads me to a universal login/change password page hosted by Auth0, which does not allow us to add our brand’s header & footer that are part of our SPA.

Is there a way to have a self-hosted version of the unblock and change password page for breached passwords?