Unable to refresh tokens, ID token is required but missing

Login works as it should and I get all tokens from it, but when I want to refresh the tokens with the RefreshToken I get following error message from the Auth0.OidcClient.Android:

*** Auth0.OidcClient.Tokens.IdTokenValidationException: ID token is required but missing.**

Auth0 logs does not show any activity during this error. Error occurs only when the RefreshToken sent to Auth0 is valid. When I try to refresh token with invalid token, it respond with “unknown or invalid token” message, as expected and logs the error activity in the Auth0 logs.

The problem occurs only in my client’s Auth0 account. When I connect the application to my own Auth0 account, everything works as it should. I have tried every setup that I could imagine from the dashboard to replicate the situation. Only way how I have been able to replicate the situation, was when I created a rule where “openid” was removed from the scope. I asked the client to disable all the rules from their Auth0, but it did not have effect.

What setup in the Auth0 could cause this kind of behaviour?