Unable to link google account with my logged in account

Hi Team,

I am new to Auth0 and we are trying to use Auth0 management API (LinkAccountAsync) to link the social account with logged in account.

My application has a link to redirect to google login page and I am logging with my gmail credentials and it redirects to my application page. But I need to get profile data of gmail account, so that I can link that account.

I am not getting any profile data on the browser url, except the accesstoken, token type, state and scope. I thought the access token is related to google access token.

but it looks like it is having access token of logged in user.
I am not able to find any solution. I am using Sitecore with asp.net

Can you please help me on getting the correct way?


Hi @lakshmana.gudivada,

Thanks for joining the Community!

To help see what is going on, are you using Universal Login or an Embedded Login? Which grant type are you using?


Hi @stephanie.chamblee ,

Thanks for your response. I am sorry I could not respond back due to work. This issue has been resolved now. But seeing some other issue with same social linking.

We are using SPA SDK to linking social accounts. This works well in all browsers except in IE 11.

We are able click on social icon in our app and it opens a popup for any social identity like google, facebook and apple. But once we authenticate with our credentials, it is not redirecting to our app. The popup still open with blank screen.
No errors can be seen in our browser console.

Can you please let me know how we can resolve this issue?
Please let me know if you need any further details.

Lakshmana Gudivada

Hi @stephanie.chamblee ,

Did you get a chance to look into my issue.


Hi @lakshmana.gudivada,

I apologies for the delay! I missed your last response. Are you using the Classic or New Universal Login Experience? If Classic, are you customizing the template at all?

Would you mind private messaging me your tenant name so I can take a look at your settings? Thank you!

Hi @stephanie.chamblee,

Thanks for your response. We are using Universal login experience. How can I provide the tenant personally? Do you have any personal email ID?

Thank you

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