Unable to link google account with my logged in account

Hi Team,

I am new to Auth0 and we are trying to use Auth0 management API (LinkAccountAsync) to link the social account with logged in account.

My application has a link to redirect to google login page and I am logging with my gmail credentials and it redirects to my application page. But I need to get profile data of gmail account, so that I can link that account.

I am not getting any profile data on the browser url, except the accesstoken, token type, state and scope. I thought the access token is related to google access token.

but it looks like it is having access token of logged in user.
I am not able to find any solution. I am using Sitecore with asp.net

Can you please help me on getting the correct way?


Hi @lakshmana.gudivada,

Thanks for joining the Community!

To help see what is going on, are you using Universal Login or an Embedded Login? Which grant type are you using?