Unable to get serialized data from API View


I’m currently working on Full Stack app with React app as Frontend and Django app as backend. I configured everything as is described in this document (Auth0 Django API SDK Quickstarts: Add Authorization to a Django API Application). Everything works good if as view I use example form tutorial:

def private(request):
    response = "Hello from a private endpoint! You need to be authenticated to see this."
    return JsonResponse(dict(message=response))

But if I try instead that get the serialized data (code below) from DB i always get error:

class ProductList(APIView):

    def get(self, request):
        products = Product.objects.all()
        serializer = ProductSerializer(products, many=True)

        return Response(serializer.data)

Error message:
AttributeError: ‘ProductList’ object has no attribute ‘build_absolute_uri’

Do you have any ideas how can I solve this problem ? Thank you