Unable to enable Phone-message via auth0-deploy-cli

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on deployment of config via auth0-deploy-cli, I want to enable “Phone Message” inside “Multi-factor Authentication”… following the exact example as seen here

but getting the response:

auth0-deploy-cli returned errors for MY_TENANT, Schema validation failed loading [
        "keyword": "additionalProperties",
        "dataPath": ".guardianPhoneFactorMessageTypes",
        "schemaPath": "#/properties/guardianPhoneFactorMessageTypes/additionalProperties",
        "params": {
            "additionalProperty": "message-types"
        "message": "should NOT have additional properties"


this is resolved;

my rules were in the common folder, so I was putting these files in the common folder;
however, when I did the same in the [env][tenant] folder, it worked like it needed to

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Glad you have figured it out and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!