Two apps on the same host (localhost)


We are using the auth0-spa-js package with vue for two apps. If we run both apps at the same time on localhost we are only able to log in to one at the same time. On login you will be logged out on the other and vise versa.

Is there any way to overcome this issue?


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You should be ‘logged in’ across apps via SSO. Can you tell us more about how you have this set up?

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Hi Dan,

Thx for your reply.

App 1 is the customer facing app. They log in with email and password.
App 2 is the internal backoffice system where admins will log in via google oauth.

So both apps have different user groups.

For testing it is a bit annoying if you can only be logged into one app at the same time. I think this has to do with the iframe method. You can click around but as soon as you reload the app you’re logged out if you just logged in to the other.

For now we came up with the solution to use local storage as the cache location for one of those apps.


Ah I see. It is a problem with the session that is set. I don’t see a way around this besides using a seperate browser or incognito/private sessions.

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Okay, thanks for clarification!

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No problem, let us know if you run into anything else!

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