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Twitter & Linkedin // Post on user behalf


Hello everybody.

I am building an app permitting to help founders on their marketing and social meia tasks.

I want to implement a feature : Post on user behalf for twitter and Linkedin.

I succeed in retrieving the user access token that is provided by the social identity provider.

Now I wonder how to use these tokens for both Linedin and Twitter.

Can someone help me ?



Hey @jv.hirigoyen!

I wasn’t able to fully grasp what you want to build. Can you provide more detailed context so we can assist you in the process?


Hello @konrad.sopala,

Thanks for reaching out to me . I am bulding a Buffer like app with a social media aggregator. Basically, users connect to facebook, Linkedin and Twitter from my app using Auth0. Then, they can write posts from my app and post them in a click on their own social media accounts also they can aggregate social feeds in one place.

To do so, I need to build a Web app application and a machine to machine application on AUth0 so I get the social media token for each social media the user is connected to. (I succeed on this step)

Now I am on the Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook API docs. I wonder how I can use this Auth0 token (and refresh it if expired)

As example, here is the Linkedin doc for sharing posts and to get companies feed.

If I manage to integrate these 2 calls, users will be able to post from my app and check any company feed from my app.

So now, next step for me, Use this AUth0 token with Linkedin.

Does it make more sense to you ?

Feel free to ask for more info,
English is not my native language,