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Turkish language correction request for Lock login screen


Hi there,

We are currently using Auth0 for SSO for some of our sites. Our Turkish users reported a grammer error on the Lock login page.

We have enabled login with Google on top of email + password.
English word “or” appears between possible types.
It is translated as “yada” to Turkish.

It should read “ya da” to be grammatically correct. Or “veya” can be used.



@emrahgunduz thanks for reporting this. The lock library is open source. Can you file an issue on the repo with the necessary changes?

Here is the file that needs to be corrected:

Seems like yada appears a few times.

@saltuka can you take a look at this? I believe you originally translated this.


My bad, yes that is true. I’ll make a pull request with “veya” @emrahgunduz

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@emrahgunduz you could follow up the status for the fix here. İyi çalışmalar…

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This was pretty fast :smile:

@sgmeyer If we find something that can be corrected (or maybe improved) we will keep in mind that Lock is open source.

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