Trigger MFA when user wants to perform some action in nextjs-auth0

Hey, the scenario would be:
User login without need to do MFA but then when he visits profile page and want to for example click button “See more” I would like to prompt him for MFA and only then show more information and let him perform some action.
Is it possible? I’m using nextjs-auth0 sdk.

Hi @xrevix00
You could set a flag in the user’s app_metadata whenever the button “See more” is clicked and then prompt for MFA in an action whenever you see that flag, after which remove the flag from the user’s app_metadata.

Thanks for fast reply!
But as I understand, Actions are possible to invoke after for example login or registration, then how could I invoke the MFA here?
Also I can’t find anywhere information about ‘invoking MFA’ itself somehow.