Tried to login with SPA and API using Auth0 is giving error

I am trying to use AuthO in my SPA and API, followed the tutorials up to the checkpoints, but when I click login, I get the error:
1. error: "login_required" 2. error_description: "Login required" 3. state: "aHNuNHJVOXlxZXNKZXhrV1JrSlhQdElubC5sWm02UkdDMnFwTVFqcHdUMA=="

The login_required error message is thrown “If the user was not logged in via Single Sign-on (SSO) or their SSO session had expired” when you attempt to authentication through GET https://YOUR_DOMAIN/authorize?..&prompt=none

This error just means that you’ll need to prompt the user to login again using the /authorize endpoint without the prompt=none.

You can read more about this silent authentication here: