Top-level event.user Attributes Added by Azure Missing from the event.user in the Post-Login Action

Problem statement

In the case of Azure Connection users without email, it is possible to grab the UPN from those users’ profiles in the Post-Login Action. However, the UPN is missing by checking the output of console.log(event.user) in the Post-Login Action with the Real-Time Log Extension.


Call the GET /api/v2/actions/actions/{id} endpoint to determine if the Action to find the supported_triggers version is v2 or v3.


The Post-Login Action is in v2. The v2 Actions do not have access to those non-standard attributes. The Actions Version must be updated to v3 to access those attributes.


To update the version to v3, please call the PATCH /api/v2/actions/actions/{id} endpoint by passing the id of the Action with the payload:

    "supported_triggers": [
            "id": "post-login",
            "version": "v3"
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