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we have a (js) SPA using Auth0 (database provider) and MFA enabled.
When the current session expires (which is 2h for now), we use the ‘checkSession()’ method to renew the token.
The issue is that we get an error “MFA authentication required” and thus, the session cannot be renewed and the user is logged out.
Is this an expected behavior ?

As the access token validity should be short-lived, the user experience is quite bad; and refresh tokens are not usable as this is a SPA.
The issue can be solved by checking the “Remember my browser” option (as stated in Unable to renew token when MFA is enabled) but this is not always a good option.

Using SDK auth-js v9.7.3

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You can use a rule to skip MFA prompts for the user’s active session:

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Thanks a lot for sharing it with the rest of community!

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