Token generated from IOS app does not work in Web API (.net Core 2)

I have an API project in Auth0 and a Application project for an IOS App.

When I use the IOS app, I’'m able to get a token back from Auth0. However, the Web API does not seem like the token as it always returns as Unauthorized. I’ve tried taking the token and making the call through Postman but still no luck.

What am I doing wrong? For the Web API project, I’ve even tried using the pre-configured Web API project that’s provided by Auth0 but it’s still the same response.

I did notice one thing - all of the examples/docs seem to use a very large token value whereas the IOS app gets a very short token token value. Hope that helps.

I’ve found all sorts of documents on your site but they they all seem to be fragmented. I was not able to find anything that shows a coherive end-to-end working example. My use case is very simple - I’d like people to signin using the IOS app and get a token and I would like the WebAPI to use that token to figure out who they are.

Once again, any help will be appreciated.

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R Jabbar

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