Token exchange for native social networks with google using the auth0 API

Hi all.
I run into a problem when exchanging the token of some social network for one of auth0.

I am using this endpoint: /oauth /token

And I would like to know in what way the “subject_token_type” is put for a google account since for facebook in the documentation it appeared that this was used:

You know what I should put in the subject_token_type for google?

Thank you

Good morning @LuisHernandez629 and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I apologize for the delay in response. Just to confirm the social network you are looking to leverage is Google correct? If not, please let us know. Overall, you shouldn’t need to leverage the "subject_token_type” when using Google as a social connection.

Below we have a helpful Connecting Apps to Google doc that may help shed some light on the process as a whole:

Hello and good morning @James.Morrison.

I was looking and I found the same page that you sent me, but what I managed to solve my problem was to use the Authorize.

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Fantastic! I’m glad it came together :grinning:

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