TikTok Social Login

I am trying to setup TikTok as a social connection for my web application. I have setup the developer account on TikTok and have my client_secret and what they call client_key. Unfortunately, instead of passing client_id in the url query params, it looks like TikTok wants “client_key” and I am not sure how to configure this on a custom social connection. Has anyone been able to setup TikTok as a social connection, and if so, how did you get past the client_key issue?

Hey there @mike19 welcome to the community!

Unfortunately this is not currently possible as far as I’m aware, but I’m curious if any other community members end up commenting on their experience with this.

I have seen this request before and encouraged the user to create a feedback request (below) - I definitely recommend commenting on/upvoting it as our product team monitors these closely for community member interest.

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Hey there @mike19!

Just wanted to share a recent blog post we’ve released related to using TikTok as a custom social connection. I misspoke previously regarding passing custom params - This is outlined in the blog post:

Hope this helps!