Ticket assigned to url causing unexpected redirects


I’ve encountered an issue that I’m struggling to debug.

As outlined here we are using the api/v2/tickets/password-change ticket type as part of our user registration flow.

This has worked well for the most part, but we’ve found that a user is having trouble registering properly.

We use the ticket to form part of the url sent in our invitations to register. The expected flow is:

  • User receives invite.
  • User clicks on invite and is taken to registration page.
  • User confirms registration and pwd is reset.
  • User is redirected to app.

However, for this particular user, when they click on the link they are redirected immediately to a login page (unexpected) and don’t go through the regular registration flow.

I have tried to replicate this but cannot, and it’s only for this user. I have narrowed the issue down to the ticket where, if I change the ticket to a different one received in my test emails, then it works as expected. Is there any reason that this would happen or that the ticket would potentially redirect elsewhere?

Many thanks