Third party access to API


we would like to provide a 3rd party access to our API. Ideally something very simple, like giving a possibility to create a token and then using it while making requests to our API. Another requirement is that this token should be valid for a very long time, i.e. it never expires and can be only revoked, similarly to how Jira or Zendesk do this.
Is there any way to implement something similar with auth0?

Note: I assume creating an application and then sharing client id and client secret to get the token is not the way to go, as this should be repeated when token expires and there is a restriction to the amount of such apps (Allow third party access to API). What we want is just providing a token once and that is it.


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Client credentials and subsequent token is the recommended approach as Auth0 doesn’t currently offer a solution for API keys and/or personal access tokens.

Please see the following FAQ:

Hope this helps!

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