The rules re-order UI not working

I’m trying to reorder rules with drag and drop using the arrow handles in the rules admin UI, but nothing happens. Tested with Chrome and Firefox on latest Ubuntu. Anyone has the same problem, can you re-order rules?

alt text

I could not reproduce this situation in Chrome on Windows 10 or Mac; for troubleshooting reasons can you perform a full refresh of the dashboard and check if the issue persists? Also, if you get any errors in the console update your question with those. The reordering will also require a network request so might be useful to check up on that to see if it reaches that point and fail or if it does not even perform any request.

Thanks, might be related to linux versions of the browsers. Nope, tried the hard reload. No errors in console, just this warning: The resource was preloaded using link preload but not used within a few seconds from the window's load event. Please make sure it wasn't preloaded for nothing. Nothing seems to happen when I drag and drop to re.order. no requests are sent.

I can confirm that running windows10 on virtualbox i can drag and drop to re-order rules (test with MSedge).

This is just to update that with latest chrome (62.0.3202.94) on linux the problem is fixed and I can reorder rules with drag and drop.