The login page is not closing after successful signIn using Authorization Code pkce login flow

We are creating a VS code extension which is trying to authenticate user through Auth0 Authorization Code PCKE flow with connection type as Username-Password-Authentication. The vs code extension is opening the login page and is successfully authenticating the user and returning the authorization code as part of redirect uri and redirecting back to VSCode extension. But after that the login page keeps showing the loading icon and its not closing. From the extension, we are able to get a token from the authorization code and get the user information successfully. But somehow the login page still remains the same in a hanging state. We tried customizing the login page and added allowClosable to true, autoClose to true and still did not work. Any idea on how to make the login page closed automatically after successful signIn? We checked the HAR file and the redirect request to call the callback uri is in a pending state without finishing. This is the flow we are using Authorization Code Flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) (

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