The connection (*connection_name*) does not exist

I faced some similar to
issue, however my case differs a little bit
in my case I use existing connection_name and everything was fine until recently,
I’ve started to receive this error. I even started hesitate do I have it and made a get request of connections and no surprise it has been there.
Is there some debug tools or approaches to figure out what could happened?
I repeat, the connection is exists and I’ve successfully worked with it before.
Great thanks in advance.


you can use extension Real-time Webtask Logs which can help you in debugging the issue in details. Just go to extension, install it and open the extension. You can see all your console.log messages here.

Hope it will helps, let us know it need assistance in it.

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Yeah, I’m aware of this extension, it was my first thought, but it remains silent nothing is logged while this api called, moreover I started to think that this extension useful only if any custom user(me) scripts is runned, as database-connection callbacks, but this looks a bit different

that’s all what it shows