Testing IdP-Initiated SAML Login with Azure as the IdP

Problem statement

This article provides details on setting up IdP-initiated SAML login from Azure to Auth0.


  1. Create a SAML Connection with Auth0 as the SP and Azure as the IdP. Refer to the following doc:
  1. Enable IdP-initiated SSO in the SAML connection settings.
  2. (Optional) To test the full flow from an application that communicates with Auth0 using the OIDC protocol, configure the application according to this guide:
  1. In the Azure Portal, navigate to Microsoft Entra ID > Enterprise Applications > Your SAML Application > Single sign-on
  2. Ensure that the Sign on URL field under Basic SAML Configuration is empty. This ensures that Azure will do an IdP-initiated flow when you test (i.e., authenticate the Azure user and then POST a SAML response to /login/callback). If a Sign on URL is configured, Azure will just redirect there to start an SP-initiated flow.

  1. Navigate to Test single sign-on with SAML_IdP and Click Test.