Temporary token for a user


Is there some API to generate a temporary access token for a user?

We have “guest” users in our system which need a limited temporary access to our back-end without registration.
So when a new guest user subscribes, we would like to create a user for him in Auth0 and send an SMS to his phone with a link to our web page that includes this user’s temporary access token.
But the only API for creating an access token through API that I found is M2M, which is not suitable for this purpose.
The other option of passwordless login requires too many steps for the user - so I think that the scenario described above is not possible.

Any ideas?

Edi Buslovich.

Hey there @edibusl!

Not sure if it’s doable but let me dig into it and find out! I will get back to you once I have some info!

Thank you very much Konrad!

No worries! We’re here for you!

Hey there!

Soo theoretically we do not support temporary tokens but practically there’s a workaround to it. For this scenario you can assign a role (guest) and then using a custom rule you can deny access after 1 hour let’s say.

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