Switch MFA options for logged in users - New Universal Login - SPA

Good day!

We are building our SPA website using New Universal Login. We are using the Angular SDK lognwithredirect for user login. Adaptive MFA is turned on. I have following questions regarding swiching MFA options:

  1. If a user already logged in to my app, how can they switch MFA options? Is there any UI in Auth0 where I can redirect them to modify the MFA options or I will have to create my own custom UI?

  2. The following article says I can use MFA API by calling Authorize endpoint with audience /mfa. But authorize endpoint does not accept audience, correct? Can you please share a sample API call?
    Manage Authentication Factors with Authentication API

  3. Can I enable both Password and MFA login at the same time in my Tenant and let users choose what they want to use?

Thank you

Hey Auth0 Team,

Any clues?