Swift: If I am using Auth0 and not Lock, do I need a callback url

I am trying to log in with username and email, for an enterprise app that already has it’s own UI.

I am using Auth0 with the login methods, not WebAuth() and I am not using Lock

Do I need to set up a callback URL or will this work without that?

I am just trying to build a minimal login here, this is the my code:

let myUsername = “toms@milezero.com
let myPassword = “TATSdeli73”
let myClientId = “WopZuSLtK8a9Fvdk9Tx0qZA7o13Ylc4z”
let myDomain = “mrschulz.auth0.com

    Auth0.authentication(clientId: myClientId,
                         domain: myDomain).login(usernameOrEmail: myUsername , password: myPassword,
                                                             connection: "Username-Password-Authentication").start
        { result in
            print("login result  \(result)")

The values I am sending for username and password are valid, I get

login result failure(Not Found)

However when I run this code

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