Support for Ky as an HTTP Client in Auth0 SDK

Feature: Provide support for ky, a modern HTTP client, in the Auth0 Node.js SDK.

Description: We have observed that got is listed in the Auth0 Node.js can-i-require site, but it is being deprecated in favor of ky by the same authors. The got documentation (GitHub - sindresorhus/got: ๐ŸŒ Human-friendly and powerful HTTP request library for Node.js) encourages users to migrate to ky.

We are evaluating ky as a replacement for axios due to its built-in functionalities that are not available in axios alone. Specifically, ky offers built-in retry extensibility which is crucial for our use cases. In contrast, axios requires the axios-retry package to achieve similar functionality, which involves additional setup and complexity.
Despite got not using the Fetch API, ky does, making it a more modern and efficient solution. The ky documentation states, โ€œKy is a tiny and elegant HTTP client based on the browser Fetch API,โ€ which aligns well with our requirements.

Use-case: We are building an application that requires robust and reliable HTTP client capabilities. The built-in retry mechanism in ky simplifies our error handling and retry logic, which is essential for maintaining high availability and resilience in our application.
Incorporating ky into the Auth0 Node.js SDK would streamline our development process by reducing dependencies and simplifying our codebase.

This feature would greatly improve our experience by providing a modern, efficient, and easy-to-use HTTP client within the Auth0 ecosystem.