Storing (and retrieving) users' full name

I customized the sign up page to include a name field:

additionalSignUpFields: [
		name: "full_name",
		placeholder: "Enter your full name",

that information ends up in the user_metadata. — is there any way for this to get stored in the regular name field in the id token (rather than having name be populated with the user’s email address)?

related: how do I access user_metadata through the /userinfo endpoint? all I seem to get back here is (less than) what’s already in the id token payload anyway… :thinking:

Hi @haha-no,

I apologize in the delayed response. I would like to reopen the topic for discussion if you have not already found a solution.

You can accomplish this by updating the root attributes, like mentioned here:

There are multiple ways this could be accomplished, like in a rule upon first sign up, or using the management API from the backend of your application. This choice is going to depend on how you would like the user to edit this information.

For your second question, you can add the user_metadata to a custom claim, this is often the suggested solution.

Hope this helps!


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