Status RSS feed is missing latest incident

There was an incident earlier today which is listed on the history page - " Increased Error Rates Impacting Customers Globally", 30 October 2023, 19:55 UTC - 30 October 2023, 20:22 UTC
However, the status RSS feed still does not mention it. It’s now 31 October 2023, 01:00 UTC

We want to raise Pager Duty alerts based on the status RSS feed, but it won’t be effective if the feed is out of date

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Our team was affected by this incident as well. In our experience, the RSS feed only includes messages about when incidents are resolved, but not when they are first identified. We would find this feed much more useful if it alerted us to when incidents have been reported/opened, not just when they have been resolved.

Hi Paul,

The RSS feed still does not have the most recent incident. It’s been 24 hours since the incident was resolved.

As it stands, the RSS feed is useless. We can’t alert our team next time Auth0 has an outage. Can anyone from Okta comment on what will be done to make the incident RSS feed work properly?


We’ve found the RSS feed useful in the past and it has included ongoing incidents, though sometimes a little bit late. Either way that’s been useful for our alerting needs. Recently, (hard to say maybe over the past 1or2 months?) it’s only been including information after the fact.

Currently this is the first time we’ve seen the feed not even include the incident even after 3 days. The silence from Auth0 is concerning wrt operational reliability. Would really appreciate some attention on this topic.

My current experience sounds similar:

I seem to be running into an issue with the Auth0 status page RSS feed.

When using the Auth0 status page RSS feed, with URL<redacted>, I see the latest entry in the feed is from 3 Nov 2023 (2023-11-03T21:13:58.124Z) with title “Android Guardian MFA Push Notification Failures in Multiple Environments”. However, when I visit the Auth0 status page ( in the browser and select the AU region and the Production environment, the latest entry is from 23 Nov 2023 with title “Failures in Action Redirect flows”.

I’m trying to find out why there is a discrepancy between the RSS feed and the status page website. As far as I understand, the tenant domain that I’m using in the RSS feed URL is for AU Production, so I would expect it to line up with what I see on the website status page.