Status Code 403

I have created some swift code for my Mac App and setup a post for Resource Owner Password, but no matter what I do it seems to return a status code 403, any pointers GREATLY appreciated :slight_smile:

I simply have 1 form with User Name and Password, and just want to authenticate through the api…


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Hey there @gary.brook :slight_smile:

No matter how good the person that is going to provide you with help is, the context you provided simply doesn’t have any helpful information apart from the thing that it’s a Mac App and that you’re trying to implement Resource Owner Password grant :slight_smile: No steps to reproduce, links to the quickstart you used and anything.

What stack of ours have you used? What docs of ours have you followed? At what step have you started receiving 403? Etc. etc :slight_smile:

We do not have any quickstart for Mac apps, I’m guessing you built the UI yourself and now wants to authenticate hitting the right endpoint of our API (that’s my wild guess). Then you need to use our Authentication API:

Hey there!

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