Static code analysis with sonar for rules, hooks and actions

We want to do a static code analysis with sonar for all code that we are using as part of auth0 including custom login page, rules, hooks.
I was getting and error and raised an auth0 ticket but they said that they cannot give guidance for external tools.
Has anyone done this? any inputs is appreciated.

Am getting a parser error when trying to scan auth0 rules.

05:08:33.405 DEBUG: Analyzing file: file:///home/vsts/1/s//myrule.js
05:08:33.411 DEBUG: Analyzing file “/home/vsts/1/s/myrule.js” with linterId “default”
05:08:34.031 DEBUG: Failed to parse /home/vsts/1/s/myrule.js with TypeScript parser: Identifier expected.
##[error]05:08:34.249 ERROR: Failed to parse file [myrule.js] at line 1: Unexpected token (1:9)

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