State parameter changing

Hi guys, I’m seeing the “state” change in my request / response loop with your authorize end point

url = f"https://{auth0_envs['AUTH0_DOMAIN']}/authorize"

params = {
 "response_type": "code",
 "client_id": auth0_envs['AUTH0_CLIENT_ID'],
 "connection": auth0_envs['AUTH0_CONNECTION'],
 "redirect_uri": urljoin(request.build_absolute_uri('/'),
 # "state": b64encode(session_wrapper.session_uuid.encode('utf-8')),
 "state": b64encode(str(123).encode('utf-8'))

json_header = {
 'content-type': 'application/json',
 # 'Authorization': f"Bearer {get_auth0_jwt()}"

response = auth0_get(url=url, params=params, headers=json_header)
if response.status_code == HTTPStatus.OK:
 return redirect(response.url)

and seeing this in the response url.

Note that the state parameter is nothing like the value passed in above.

please advise…

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