State altered during rule redirect / how to set state manually?

Hi, I have a problem using redirect rules in combination with client-generated state parameters.
My client adds a state parameter to the auth request. This is altered by Auth0 during a redirect by an Auth0 rule that enforces MFA, so that the resulting response to my client has a different state than the original one requested and thus fails.

Is there any way to keep (or manually set) the original state value during redirect rules?
Help really appreciated!

  1. Original client auth request:[…]&state=OriginalRandomState
    Rule debug: context.request.query.state=OriginalRandomState

  2. Redirect rule:
    context.redirect = {
    url:[…]&mfaparameter=2 };

  3. Resulting Auth0 redirect request:
    Rule debug: context.request.query.state=NewAuth0GeneratedRandomState

So the redirect alters the state (OriginalRandomState != NewAuth0GeneratedRandomState), and thus the client match fails. Also adding a manual state parameter to the request url doesn’t allow me to set the state parameter manually (like following code snippet).

authorizationURL=‘[…]&mfaparameter=2&state=’ + context.request.query.state; //add original query state manuall to new redirect URL

context.redirect = {
    url: authorizationURL };