Start with custom login form, then switch to universal

I have a React app where I want to make a custom login form for passwordless login (with two text fields, “Organization” and “e-mail”).
In the next step I want the standard Unviersal Login form for entering the code, I don’t want to make a custom form for this.
After code has been entered I want the user to be redirected to the main app page.

Is this possible? What library should I use, auth0-spa-js? auth0-lock?

Hello @klas,

Looking at the description, I don’t think auth0-spa-js can be any helpful here.

It looks like your requirement can be fulfilled using Forms for Actions, which is currently in early access. While I’m not an expert on this, you might want to explore this option further. It allows for extensive customization of authentication forms and flows within Auth0. I recommend reviewing this feature while waiting for additional feedback from other Auth0 members .