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SSO without the hosted login page



I am extremely confused by the Auth0 documentation. Is it possible to do this:

  • User types their email address on our
    website and presses enter
  • Our website recognizes the email domain as a federated user and uses the V8 SDK to call auth0
  • Auth0 redirects to the specified IDP provider to allow the user to login
  • Once the user logs in they get sent back to a /callback endpoint in our application
  • Note I do not want the user to see the hosted login page at all

Is this possible?

What I find extremely confusing is that all of your examples suggest that we should use the v8 sdk like so to perform enterprise connections :

    connection: 'Username-Password-Authentication',
    username: 'testuser',
    password: 'testpass',
    scope: 'openid'

Why would we pass a username and password to the sdk if we are going to redirect a user to a IDP to login?


Hi, @emanuel.williams
Did you get an answer to this question?
I was wondering about the same thing and not sure what is the answer