SSO Dashboard and IdP initiated Login error

Tenant id: dev-2xjf75by
App 1: CRM-Multi-Org
App 2: CRM-Multi-Org2
App 3: sso-dashboard (This one is for SSO Dashboard extension)
I have setup 2 Regular Web App with SAML2 Web App as Add On. Auth0 is the IdP and both the apps are salesforce orgs.
I configured Single Sign on from salesforce (SAML) and enabled it in my domain, I am able to login from salesforce without any issues from both salesforce org.

Q1) However, when I am trying to login via the Identity provider login URL it is not working, can someone please let me know why ?

I have followed this article to create a sso dashboard to expose the salesforce apps but when I am trying to login from the below URL’s none of it is working.
Q2) I am getting {“code”:404,“message”:“unable to resolve jtn to webtask token”,“req_id”:“1668027980702.304661”} error, can someone please let me know the problem?

Thank you,

Ignore my first question, I deleted both App1 and App2, reconfigured via SSO Integration and now it is working. Now, I need to resolve Q2 only.

App1: CDO1
App2: CDO2

Thank you