Specific token no expiration for script to script

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I’m using auth0 for social connection between my application and Github (reactJS for the frontend, and golang for the backend), and it’s works pretty well !

Today I got a question for a specific use case : my customers need to use a token to set up a script (this script will consume API endpoint), but, because the set up process is taking some time, I can’t ask them to change the access token every 30 days or something else.

So my question : if for this use case, there is a way for a non expiration token or something like this ?

I see many application that will have this kind of behavior (download a token from profile page, and we can use to make integration with other service, and It’s not needed to change the token every days, month or years)

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Hi @florian2

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You are talking about an API key, and that is something that is not supported.

The OAuth2 way of handling this would be issuing a set of client credentials to each developer/application, and having the applications request their own tokens.

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