Sms passwordless authentication using auth0.js

When I do some sms passwordless authentication using auth0.js I used this code. But it always says client authentication is required. Please see code and image. What can I do to fix this?

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Based on the error it is likely that you have configured a “Regular Web Application” in Auth0, and are making the request without including the client_secret in the body. You can find out more information on this via the following link:

However as you are using Auth0.js, which is a client-side library intended for SPA applications, you’re unable to use a “Regular Web Application” type with this SDK as a client secret value is required. While you can send one, we recommend against doing this as it’s difficult to store the client secret in the browser securely.

Given that, I would recommend following the second point of the post linked above to ensure your application type is set correctly.

Let me know how you get on!