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SMS based Multifactor authentication with third party API



Hi Community,
we are trying to add MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) in addition to login / credentials making it two-step authentication
now, we require that MFA to be SMS code based where we don’t wish to use Twilio as the SMS provider
our 3rd party SMS api will be used instead of Twilio so we need to setup its usage parameters in connection settings
our 3rd party SMS provider does not use token based authentication but rather an “APIKey” based authentication with each call
please suggest steps to setup such a connection.
Best Regards
Muhammad Qasim Awan



You can implement the custom MFA service mentioned above using the redirect protocol for the integration.
Please refer the link below for more information:


Thanks Swapna for taking out your time to answer my question.
We have already viewed the document you have refereed but it has been of no help in our scenario .
PS. We are not using Twilio as SMS provider we are using a third party app instead.