SINGLE-SIGN ON ENABLED make user cannot login/signup

Hi Auth0 team,

I’m having a problem when a user want go to Sign Up or Login, the dialog goes into “SINGLE SIGN-ON ENABLED” mode. I use one Auth0 account for several different platform which share same user database across all platforms. This problem only occurs to 1 of the platform which use OIDC, I tried to replicate the applications configurations to be exact same like my other applications which work correctly, but the problem still persists.

This is the screenshot of my applications that works fine:

You can see the sign up and login tab which I expected to be.

Then this is the screenshot of my applications that doesn’t work:
Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 7.17.58 pm
If I click on the “Login” button it will looping redirect to the same page. And if I change the username and password then click login, it goes to ${url}:3000/oidc-callback where it says “Site can’t be reach”.

Is there anyway to disable “SINGLE SIGN-ON ENABLED”? Or what’s causing that “SINGLE SIGN-ON ENABLED” to be triggered?

Helps is apprecited.

Thank you

Hey @andre.hermanto93, This type of login dialog can appear if you have some enterprise connection enabled for your application with some predefined idp domain configured. Might be worth checking your connections enabled for this particular client in your tenant in connections settings. Ideally this does not appear for database connections.

Let us know if you have any other questions!