Single logout across multiple applications

We are using three Angular applications and one WordPress with same client id
using the options

Single Password less login all applications getting logged in.

The need is if we logout in one application and the opened second ,third application in another tabs also should get logged out. is it possible to do. I have searched all the way.
I am using the Auth0 free plan.

Hi @vijayavel.rajasekara,

The Auth0 Logout endpoint will invalidate the Single Sign-on (SSO) cookie in Auth0, ending the Auth0 session, but will not end the session for the Application layer.

There are two main ways we recommend handing application logout in this scenario:

  • Have short timeouts on your local session and redirect to Auth0 at short intervals to re-authenticate. This can be done by calling checkSession from the client which does this redirect in a hidden iFrame. If you take the hidden iFrame approach you need to be aware of rate limits and third-party cookie issues.
  • Handle this entirely at the application level by providing your applications a way to notify all other applications when a logout occurs.

Here are some additional resources regarding logout and session layers:

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the reply @david_wisecarver. I will try this solution.

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