Simple API Test Access using Auth0 Sample code, Auth0 Authentication API Debugger, and Postman

I am using ASP.NET Web API (OWIN) Authorization as my API test harness. I have created a default Auth0 API.

alt text

I added to the Web API the proper web.config settings for the Auth0 API

    <add key="Auth0Domain" value="" />
    <add key="Auth0ApiIdentifier" value="" />

The API test client was created automatically. I added to the test client configuration the callback necessary to use the Auth0 Authentication API Debugger Extension.

alt text

Using the API Debugger Extension I have selected the proper test client and initiated the OAUTH2 CLIENT CREDENTIALS flow to obtain an access_token
alt text

Within Postman I have tested calling the unsecured Ping API endpoint successfully. Calling the secured endpoint fails as expected. I have added the access_token as an Authorization Bearer token, but the secured Ping call still fails.

alt text

Thank you for any help in fixing my problem!


There are several things worth checking:

  • You have configured a Non Interactive Client at the Dashboard, for your application.
  • You have authorized the Non Interactive Client to access your API.
  • The audience parameter is passed to the /oauth/token endpoint when obtaining the access_token.

I’d suggest looking through the following Troubleshooting document: