Signup email address validation

Hi guys, we have the following problem, may be someone can help us.

We need to validate the email addresses in a more strict way than auth0 default validation does (ie. we need to avoid registration for emails with accent marks or plus signs).

We achieve this using a pre user registration action but the problem is that, in the UI, to the end user, the validation message seems to be related to the password field (not to the email field).

The message (generated by the pre user registration action) is rendered in the signup-password prompt in which the email is read only … also the password field gets highlighted as with an error … it’s confusing to the end user.

We think a nice solution should be to execute an action that gets triggered in the transition from the signup-id prompt to the signup-password prompt (the pre user registration action gets triggered in the transition between signup-password and the next state … ).

Someone knows if it is possible ?

If not, someone can give us some hint to improve our current solution ?


Hi @aanderson,

From your description, it sounds like you are using Identifier First for your login page. Unfortunately this does appear to be a design limitation as the Pre-Registration action will not run until a user enters a password, though I agree that having the password field highlighted with the error message can be misleading to users.

We would recommend you share your use case and what functionality you would prefer to see using this form. This is a direct line to our Product team and the best way to communicate your needs.


Hi David, thanks for the answer, I’ll do what you recommend. Regards