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SignIn in Auth0 Node Authentication


I’m using the Node API for authentication, and was able to successfully implement the SignUp flow. However, for SignIn, my request to the Auth0 server is replying with 404 Not Found, without a normal error message.

Here’s my node code:

      password: password,
      username: username
    async (err, userData) => {
      if (err) {

When this is run, the error is

name: {},
  message: {},
  statusCode: 404,
  requestInfo: { method: 'post', url: '' },
   { Error: Not Found,
      status: 404,
      Response {
        domain: null,
        _events: {},
        _eventsCount: 0,
        _maxListeners: undefined,
        res: [Object],
        request: [Object],
        req: [Object],
        text: 'Not Found',
        body: {},
        files: undefined,
        buffered: true,
        headers: [Object],
        header: [Object],
        statusCode: 404,
        status: 404,
        statusType: 4,
        info: false,
        ok: false,
        redirect: false,
        clientError: true,
        serverError: false,
        error: [Object],
        created: false,
        accepted: false,
        noContent: false,
        badRequest: false,
        unauthorized: false,
        notAcceptable: false,
        forbidden: false,
        notFound: true,
        unprocessableEntity: false,
        type: 'text/plain',
        charset: 'utf-8',
        links: {},
        setEncoding: [Function: bound ],
        redirects: [] } } }

Is there something wrong with auth0.database.signIn? Thank you!!