Sign up without an email address

Feature: Allow users to sign up without an email address (only using phone number)

Description: Many clients based in China and Hong Kong do not use email like we do in other locations. They are not used to having an email inbox and checking their email. All of their communications are through we chat and are tied to their phone number. We have clients that have a lot of trouble with our sign up and email verification flows because they simply aren’t accustomed to using email. We would like to provide these clients options to sign up with only a phone number. We can send them verifications and notifications via phone / WeChat

Use-case: Clients want to sign up for an account on our app or website and enhance their profile in order to bid n our auctions. They don’t have an email address to sign up with. While weChat technically assigns email addresses for users, it is not well known to clients. So they are unable to verify their email address to get any further. When they need to reset their password they are not able to do so as this goes purely through an email flow.

Our use case would be to allow a client to sign up using a phone number and obtain verification through their messaging platform (weChat) and send them “links” to reset their password or confirm their account through their phone number/weChat program