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I’m using the auth0/auth0-react package in my Single Page Application (SPA). I really like the methods loginWithRedirect and loginWithPopup as they streamline the way I can integrate Auth0 in my application.

But’s there’s one small glitch and I was wondering if anyone had a chance to solve the same issue I’m having.

I can’t seem to differentiate between a login and a sign-up. For me, a login is meant for a registered user coming back to the application while a sign-up is a new user registering a profile in my application. If I want the new user to sign-up, I have to direct him to the Auth0 login screen where there’s a link to sign-up.

This can be a bit non-user-friendly on my Welcome screen where I can’t really display a Sign-up button that would directly link to the sign-up page of Auth0. Yes, I could copy the sign-up link from the login page but it seems more like a hack than a clean implementation.

I’ve looked in the options of both functions named above for ways to indicate I want to do a sign-up. I couldn’t find anything.

Has anyone found a way to separate sign-up and login for a better user experience?


Hi @lpcarignan ,

You can link your users directly to the hosted signup page.

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Thank you so much for the answer. It worked.

I didn’t see it as I’m coding in Typescript and the typed definition file (global.d.ts) for the auth0-spa-js package doesn’t specify this parameter.

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Thanks for providing an update!

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