SIGN IN AS USER not working


  1. Go to auth0 dashboard
  2. Select Users & Roles
  3. Click on a user

This will bring me to a specific users dashboard page

  1. Click the dropdown ‘SIGN IN AS USER’ at the top
  2. Select the application I want to sign in to
  3. Select the correct Callback URL from the dropdown http://localhost:8080/auth/signed-in
  4. Set the scope to ‘openid profile email’
  5. Then copy the url for client side app and paste it into the browser


The callback url it redirects to is:
http://localhost:8080/auth/signed-in#access_token={opaque token}&scope=openid&expires_in=7200&token_type=Bearer

This doesn’t look like a valid access_token and it does not have the id_token.

When I login normally and auth0 redirects to the callback url it looks like this:
http://localhost:8080/auth/signed-in#access_token={token is here}


How do I get a id_token and legit access_token from auth0 when logging in as a user?

Hi @jpbamberg,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community Forum! I edited the tokens out of your post as they are considered sensitive.

When you are requesting the token you are not setting the audience to your APIs, and are getting an opaque access token.


So you know, the sign in as user feature (user impersonation) is deprecated and no longer supported by auth0. It exists on your tenant as a legacy feature and we recommend moving away from it.

Hope this helps!


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