Should I store JWT tokens in IndexedDB?

After reading some articles, I realize that using localStorage and sessionStorage is a bad idea for storing JWT tokens, and cookies with httpOnly should be used instead.

As I read more and learn some about indexedDB today, I wonder if indexedDB is a secure option for storing JWT tokens as well?

Ref link: cookies - Should I store JWT tokens in IndexedDB? - Stack Overflow

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It looks like indexedDB is subject to the same risks as localstorage and won’t solve for this.

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Hey @dan.woda,

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Wanted a suggestion;
So where should one store jwt token for a complete client-side (kind of a widget) single page application?

We recommend refresh token rotation, or silent authentication (based on a cookie session), to get new access tokens in SPAs without leaving them vulnerable to XSS attacks in localstorage.

If you haven’t looking into using our SPA SDK, I highly recommend it.

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