Share custom actions across tenants

Feature: I would like to be able to share a custom action across all of my tenants so that if I need to change the code it’s consistently updated on all tenants without me needing to copy and paste.

Description: I have developed a custom action which I would like to deploy to more than one tenant. So far, the only way I’ve found to do this is to copy and paste the code of the action and create a new custom action for each tenant with the same code, but that’s not a very maintainable solution; if I need to change the action code, I have to go through the various tenants and make sure to apply the same change to all of them, and if I miss one that may introduce subtle bugs due to versions being out of sync.

Use-case: For what it’s worth, the specific action that I’ve developed logs the user out of Auth0 if their email is unverified and redirects them back to my SPA with a query parameter so the SPA knows they were prevented from logging in due to being unverified. If that was a standard action, I suppose this specific feedback request would be moot… but it would still apply to other custom actions I might develop in the future!

Thanks for following through with the feedback request @mactyr - I imagine this will gain some traction here. Don’t forget to go ahead and upvote this yourself to get the ball rolling!